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Majickal Tarot.

Project Description

This short workshop is designed for people who would like to quickly learn how to read Tarot without memorising 78 card meanings. You will learn 5 Tarot keys related to storytelling and the elements of nature. You will also discover how to understand the Major Arcana, their archetypal characters reached via personal vision quest and meditation. A little psychic development work is included. This is a complete course packed into a small workshop, so you’ll get heaps of value. It suits beginners and readers who have found it difficult to memorise traditional card meanings.



  • Participants will need to bring a deck of traditional Tarot cards.
  • Oracle cards are not suitable.
  • A tarot deck contains 78 Cards including the 4 suits of: cups (or chalices), pentacles (or coins), wands (staves or rods) and swords.
  • It is ok to bring several decks, as long as they are Tarot decks.
  • Adults only (16+)

Sunday 3rd March

1pm – 3pm

$30 per person

Project Details

  • Date December 3, 2018
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